Our translators are authorised in most international languages. Do you need translations in/from Romanian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish? Or in/from other rarer languages? Then you are in good hands. On the CONTACT page you can find all the necessary details to contact us.

  • Translations of civil status documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, criminal records, certificates, etc.
  • Translation of study documents: baccalaureate diplomas, bachelor certificates, graduation certificates, report cards, diploma supplement etc.
  • Medical translations: discharge papers, medical referral letters, medical tests, etc.
  • Technical translations: technical sheets and specifications, instruction manuals, certificates of compliance etc.
  • Administrative translations: articles of incorporation, resolution of the general assembly of shareholders, etc.
  • Financial-accounting translations: balance sheets, invoice, etc.
  • Marketing translations: brochures, promotional flyers etc.
  • Legal translations and translations of notarial documents: powers of attorney, civil judgements, sale and purchase agreement, summons, etc. 






We wish to extend our activities in the field of foreign languages, and for this reason you can also contact us for foreign language courses (English, Italian, French, German), regardless of level.

The duration of a session is an hour and a half, during which time the learner will have the possibility to improve not only their linguistic abilities, but also their foreign language communication and understanding abilities.

Courses may be organised at the company’s office (for 1-1 sessions) or at the office of the client’s company (for group sessions).

Courses may be tailored with regard to the needs, skills and abilities of each learner.








  • Simultaneous interpretation

This type of interpretation is suitable for conferences, trade shows, congresses, meeting of any nature, product presentations, etc., when organisers want the discourse/presentation made by a speaker to immediately reach the public. It is a time-saving method, the translation being immediate, simultaneous, as the name suggests.

Simultaneous interpretations require certain technical equipment (working booths, microphones/lavalieres, headphones and stations, etc.). Also, it is recommended that 2 interpreters be present in the booth. 

  • Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is chosen especially when the number of participants to an event is not large, and the duration of the event is short. Unlike simultaneous interpretation, where it is recommended that 2 interpreters be in the booth, if the interpretation is performed consecutively, one interpreter is enough. They will ensure that the discourse held by a speaker is understood by the participants to the event, even if the interpreter does not convey the discourse word by word. 

  • Chuchotage

Chuchotage (the term comes from the French word “chuchotage”) is a unique interpretation style. It has the characteristics if simultaneous interpretation, the major difference between the two styles being the number of persons for which the services are performed. In most cases, the interpreter helps a single person or, in exceptional cases, a small group of persons, and the interpretation takes place in real time, as in the case of simultaneous interpretation.

If the translated documents need to be authenticated, to bear an apostille or to be superlegalized, you don’t have to worry. We will take care of these services as well, so that all you have to do is ensure that the documents reach us. We will take all the necessary steps for authentication or apostle, and you will only have to return on the date set to pick up your documents.

In case you chose other resources to translate your documents, but still want a professional to check them, we are the best solution. Whether for articles, documents, bachelor theses, summaries of any nature, presentations or any other type of documents, we are the best choice. Our translators are prepared to, following the revision they will perform, hand in a grammatically and terminologically correct document.





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