The costs for the services offered by our company differ based on numerous factors. In order to come to your help, below you can find a short presentation of the methods we apply when calculating the costs for the service required. For detailed information regarding the calculation method and for personalised offers you can contact us at the phone numbers in the CONTACT section or at the e-mail address:

For translation services, the cost is determined by page, calculated at 300 words, and based on different criteria, such as: type of translation (general or specialised), language combination (from Romanian into a foreign language or vice versa, or from a foreign language into a foreign language), delivery time (urgent or in a few days) and possibly, other related services.

For interpretation services, the cost is determined based on the following factors: location (for travelling to a different city), duration (a few hours or a few days), and the type of event (notarial interpretation, conferences, business meetings etc.). In case of events with a large number of participants, the number of interpreters required will also be taken into consideration for the cost.

If you are interested in foreign language courses, the price will differ based on: number of learners (one learner or a group), location where the courses will take place (at the company’s office or at our office), number of modules and levels (beginner, false beginner, pre-intermediary, intermediary, advanced).

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